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Busy shaping and radio. This is a man of many charisma from CA.

This is a blog project seeking to discover artists from around the world with a classical atmosphere. 
Our memorable pilot episode is Wesley, a Californian hipster, from Jungle Jungle.

Got to us by train from Shibuya alone, wearing a sweater from the 1960s that seemed to have been knitted by his grandmother. Wesley, is visiting Japan, has an overwhelming presence in Silver Lake, Los Angeles (a fashionable city where many artists live).

DJ and shaper for the hip Jungle Jungle surfboard company with palm tree decals.

It’s fantastic to know that he plays boogie music with his own version, including works by luminaries like Peter Ivers, Azimuth, Joe Walsh, and Makoto Kubota. He also owns a label called “Reverberation Radio.”

He told me that he used to create boards in his own laundry room up until recently, which shocked me. Surprisingly, the avant-garde artist Peter Schroff, who captivated the globe in the 1980s, is his surfing guru. We must accept there is proof that a crazy master trains a crazy disciple.

Wesley, who is visiting Japan, has an overwhelming presence in Silver Lake, Los Angeles (a hip city where many artists live.)

I questioned, “What are you doing in Japan?”

He is apparently in Japan with surfing superstar Alex Knost, who is traveling to Sendai for a surf trip, and they are hanging out and enjoying games like bowling.

What does Wesley think of Japan like, I wonder?

By the way, he mentioned his current favorite Japanese song is “Taj Mahal” by Masayoshi Takanaka, oh my goodness, I’m done. Done as I can’t take his range in good taste.